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Dr. Rajarshree Roy Bandyopadhyay is renowned Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in India. Dr. Roy comes across various kinds of people and situations, these experiences stimulate different emotions and trigger various reactions and responsibilities. Sometimes Dr. Rajarshree Roy Bandyopadhyay expresses her selves but most often she holds back as she apprehends unfavorable repercussions. When she holds back for a long period of time it starts snowballing inside our minds. So much that she becomes easily irritable and issues that can well be ignored gets inflamed due to unreasonable reciprocation from a bottle necked mind.
Life is a relationship with our everyday circumstances, family, friends, colleagues and the society as a whole. And a relationship is a set of emotional chords. She is specialized in General Psychiatrist and psychotherapist treatment, Addiction Psychiatrist treatment, Stress Management & Motivational Therapy etc.
Dr. Rajarshree Roy Bandyopadhyay has given a wide range of services that include adult psychotherapy, marital counseling, geriatric psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy ,family therapy, stress management workshops, child psycho education assessment and other assessments and therapies for which one can refer to our services section. She also has a complete program for Schools, Colleges, Institutions and Corporate, where she offers a wide range of psychological counseling and comprehensive wellness services that help their students/employees overcome various work life challenges such as anxiety, stress, performance issues etc, and thus perform much better in their daily roles.

My Specialization


General Psychiatry

General Psychiatry (GPSYCH) is an open access journal that covers all topics of interest to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals internationally.

Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction psychiatry is a medical subspecialty within psychiatry that focuses on the treatment of people who are suffering from one or more disorders related to addiction.

Stress Management

Stress is often one of the underlying contributors to many of the issues we treat at Promises.Stress can come in many forms including that from jobs, relationships or finances.

Tele conference

The provision of psychiatric treatment via live interactive videoconferencing, frequently termed tele psychiatry, is a viable option for psychiatrists

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